I am m a 20-something higher education administrator. I obsess  over trashy television, Pinterest, learning things, mandarin oranges, and dreaming up ways to make my friends happy. I have the sweetest, most lovable black lab-setter mix, Riley. That is, until he sees another dog (then he’s a jerk!).  Since I am an only child, I count the children of my good friends as my nephews and nieces. I am currently blessed with Madeline Kate, Chloe Elizabeth, Kayelin Frances, and the newest little guy to steal my heart, Harrison Jude.

I attended Randolph-Macon Woman’s College for my Bachelor’s degree and Baylor University for my Master’s degree. I could talk to you for hours about the benefits of a women’s college education, but apparently that’s boring to people who aren’t interested in higher education (and, I suppose, even to those who might be interested). I’ll leave that for another time.

Weight Loss Stats:
September, 2012: 325 pounds
January 5, 2013: 312 pounds (13 pounds down through Weight Watchers)
February 1, 2013: 302 pounds (down 10 since starting Paleo!)

Goal weight: 180
120 to go.


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