New Focus

I’ve been struggling with a mental block. I’ve been holding steady for about two weeks now with no real weight loss. So, I’m making a few changes.

First, I’m going to up my focus on cardio. Increasing my heart rate to around 150 for a sustained amount of time (30-40 minutes) will be the goal.

Second, I’m going to start weight training, focusing on heavy weights and maxing out. I have a personal trainer lined up and I’m hoping to do a session with her and a session on my own once a week, so two sessions per week.

Third, I’m going to take measurements of my body tomorrow morning and use those to judge my progress. I can tell I’m losing inches, and people tell me they can tell, but I want proof.

Fourth, and finally, I’m going to use a coworker’s help to keep me on track. For every one week out I miss out of six scheduled workouts a week, I’ll owe her one dollar. Since deciding that with her, I’ve made 12 of the last 12 scheduled workouts in two weeks. Not bad, and my bank account appreciates it.

Four things. Let’s give it a try for four weeks and regroup. Until then, I’m feeling rejuvenated.


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