This weekend is a rare weekend at home without my significant other. Since I am in a long distance relationship, this is a very unusual thing. Having a partner in graduate school means sometimes we just need time apart (so one of us can study without feeling guilty). That’s ok. 

This weekend I have focused on doing things for myself. I made a delicious dinner last night of grilled chicken and brussel sprouts. When I was growing up, my mom told me she thought brussel sprouts tasted like farts. It took me 28 years to decide for myself– I love them. I usually saute cut sprouts, flat side down, with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper for about 15 minutes until soft. They come out with this incredibly unique texture, both crispy and soft, with an unbelievably good taste. Totally un-fart-like, MOM. If I had never tried food my mom told me was gross, I wouldn’t be a fan of cottage cheese, radishes, hummus, or almond milk. Sheesh! 

I will be doing some menu planning and grocery shopping tomorrow. I like shopping on Sunday afternoons because I feel like it’s a good way to restart any kitchen and get back on track from any slip ups I might have made during the week. I stock up on a week’s worth of apples, eggs, vegetables, and meat, but make sure to have menus fully planned to make sure I don’t get into a situation where I think I don’t have any food but I really do. Planning is key! 

How do you plan for your week? 

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