Today’s Victory

I’ve never been an egg in the morning kind of person. But since starting Paleo, I’ve learned to embrace the incredible, edible egg. This morning for breakfast I scrambled two full eggs and one egg white (I’ve never really been a fan of the yolk) with last night’s leftovers: ground beef with grilled tomato, bell pepper, spinach, and carrots. Last night’s dinner was a failed attempt at stuffed bell peppers: I realized I really didn’t want to pretend I was going to eat the bell pepper all dainty-like, so I just chopped it up and grilled it with the rest of the veggies. My breakfast was delicious and filling.

My office likes to celebrate things, a lot. We have parties and gatherings and get togethers– and they always involve food. Today we celebrated the last day of a coworker’s last day, which involved an extra long lunch at a local restaurant. I resisted a LOT of temptation and ordered a Cobb salad: romaine lettuce, egg, tomato, bacon (which I really could have done without), and balsamic vinaigrette.

For my afternoon snack I had a hardboiled egg and about 3 cups of mixed berries: strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. I have learned so much about food from pinterest, including a tip to rinse fresh berries in a diluted vinegar mixture. Apparently, it keeps them from going moldy. I have a huge bowl of mixed berries in my fridge, designed to last the whole week. They are divine.

For dinner tonight, I grilled some chicken breast tenderloins and paired it with a salad of mixed greens with SuperFruit dressing. So delicious! I haven’t had a drop of Diet Coke since 2012 (ok, ok, since New Year’s Eve) so I just drink water or tea now. But for dinner tonight, I had my new fave drink: Perrier with a splash of lime. It has just enough bubbles to trick my mind into thinking I’m drinking a soda, but it’s all natural with no artificial sweeteners or sugar. Perfect.



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